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Our 55 bell tents are reinvented and upgraded to give you that classic camping feel with an alluring twist, truly the perfect combination of luxury and nature.
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Why Tentevent?

Tentevent is Croatia’s chief provider of mobile pop-up camping, or better described as new age glamping.

Glamorous camping is taking the world by storm and we are proud to be Croatia’s best. Our 55 bell tents are reinvented and upgraded to give you that classic camping feel with an alluring twist, truly the perfect combination of luxury and nature. Whether it be for a festival or a private event, we are happy to help and create memorable outdoor adventures for you!

Choose your best fit:

Find which of our established events and projects fits you best… Have your own idea? Partner with us!


Days filled with sunshine and the Adriatic sea, nights filled with starry skies and good beer. Everything in between is up to you. An oasis for digital nomads around the globe, including luxurious outdoor accommodations, rock-solid wifi and unique activities and adventures, all you have to do is book and experience something out of this world..

Party Camp Novalja

Interested in the European party scene? Then you’ve definitely heard of Zrće, one of the hottest summer locations for great beats and adventurous treats. Our camp is situated 3 minutes away from the party beach, 6 minutes from the center of Novalja, and is smack dab on it’s own private beach. Large, canvas bell tents with a twist are sure to provide the luxury and energy you need for partying, while still keeping it practical and light.

The Garden Resort

Nestled on the gorgeous Dalmatian coast, this resort seamlessly ties the love of music with the love of nature. Combining amazing concerts from globally renowned musicians with interactive accommodations and all the necessary infrastructure, we guarantee that this is an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Hostel Shappy

Has Croatia’s capital caught your eye? Interested in great food, rich history and budding nightlife? Book your stay in one of the newest hostels in Zagreb! With an amazing location, deluxe accommodations, 14 bespoke rooms, and friendly staff,  you have the perfect setup for discovering the wonderful city of Zagreb inside out.

It’s like we ordered a real fully functioning hotel to come to our location! Equipped with everything from towels, bed linnen,real beds, closets , even taking care of the outdoor setup with the right kind of lounge furniture! Loved it!

David Baller

As an agency lookin for fresh new ideas for our clients, we can say that Tentevent is as fresh as it gets.

Lana Lichtenstein

Tentevent made our nature retreat possible, and what’s more important, stress free. They came to our chosen location with everything we needed: accomodation and service, and made sure our stay was as pleasant as we could have imagined!

Janice Mening