Tentevent | FAQ
Everything you’ve wanted to know but had no-one to ask - Answered.
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What is glamping?

Derived from the words “glamorous” and “camping”, glamping presents accommodations more luxurious than what is usually associated with camping. In our case it features special amenities, robust and spacious bell tents, comfortable mobile homes and a crossroads where miraculous nature meets modern luxury.

Are there bathrooms?

Our campsites are provided with sanitary infrastructures and plumbing so no worries there! If you are organizing an event on private property or a different location to our camps we can arrange for portable showers and sanitary units.

How big are the tents?

5 meters in diameter, situating 2 to 4 beds.

What’s inside the tent?

The tents comes equipped with wooden flooring, fully made beds (foam mattress, pillow, sheets, linens), light beach chairs to perch in front of your tent, an indoor lamp, carpet and outdoor. If any other items are needed feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

Do I need to bring bedding?

No, we provide you with crisp white linen and other necessary bedding. If you are worried about being chilly,  feel free to bring an extra blanket or we can provide you with additional blankets and a portable heater if needed (contact us if this is the case).

Are the tents secure?

Yes, the tents are robust (heavy-duty cotton canvas) and fitted for outdoor use. The tent itself is secured into the ground and equipped with a heavy duty groundsheet (PVC) that is attached to the tent with a zipper. In addition to this they are waterproof, and have the popular feature of the sides rolling up on hot days.

Do the tents have power?

The tents themselves do not have a power source but most events have areas where you can charge your electronic devices. If partnering with us we have the option of presenting additional power sources.

Can we camp next to friends?

Of course! Feel free to contact us if you’re camping as a group and would like to be located next to each other.

What essential items should I bring?

Anything you would usually bring to a trip to a hostel. Don’t worry about bed linens, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Can we bring food and/or alcohol?

Depending on the event you are attending or whether you are partnering with us, please adhere to the guidelines presented and agreed upon.

Do we set up the tents ourselves or is the setup included in the price?

The complete setup and cleanup is done by our team of experienced professionals to ensure a quick and perfect setup that is of course included in the price.