Tentevent | Terms and Conditions
The Contract Terms and Conditions will always be posted on company’s official web page and must be sent upon request as well.
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Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

FIJU d.o.o.:  contract terms and conditions of stay

These Contract Terms and Conditions of Stay are legally binding and contain the Agreement between the Client/Partner and the company (FIJU d.o.o.) relating to the stay in the accommodations and/or the hiring the equipment and services in agreed upon terms. A booking by a Client/Partner together with these Contract Terms and Conditions of Stay (communicated in writing, in person or electronically) of the booking will constitute the Client’s acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, their contents. The Contract Terms and Conditions will always be posted on company’s official web page and must be sent upon request as well.

1. Definitions

1.1 In these Contract Terms and Conditions of Stay words and expressions shall have their ordinary meaning unless otherwise defined within these Contract Terms and Conditions of Stay.


  • Agreement is the term used for this document, ( Contract Terms and Conditions of Stay).
  • Form means the form issued by the Owner to the Client containing details of the Equipment, Period of Hire and Hire Charge.
  • Client/Partner is the person entering into a rental agreement with the Owner and who is Principal to all obligations to this Agreement.
  • Equipment is all the physical items included but not limited to: tent(s), Mattress Pack, Carpets, Lamps, Bedding etc.
  • Hire Charge means the amount payable by the Client to the Owner as specified in the Form. All Hire Charges, including additional Equipment requests must be paid in full at the time of booking.
  • The official Owner is FIJU d.o.o., registered address: Varsavska 8  Zagreb, Croatia and/or their subcontractors or agents.
  • Hire Period means the period of which any equipment is required, as identified in the  Form, to be ready and available for use.

2. Booking Confirmation

2.1 No verbal representations or arrangements are recognized by FIJU d.o.o.

2.2 A booking may only be deemed valid once there is a written form between the

Client/Partner and  Owner, which the Owner will provide.

2.3 Unless clearly stated on the booking confirmation no FIJU d.o.o.  booking will NOT include entry to any event/festival or include event tickets.

3. Acceptance of the Equipment

3.1 Any part of the Equipment agreed upon that may be found to be faulty shall be notified to the Owner within one day of receiving the equipment, if otherwise The Client/Partner will be rendered responsible for the total payment of the hire.

4. The Accommodation

4.1 Check-in times will be arranged specifically for each client and/or project.

4.2 Check-out will be as arranged in advance with the Owner or by the event.

4.3 No refunds will be given for earlier check out.

4.4. All children must be registered on the booking confirmation, and charges may be added regardless of personal equipment (mattresses etc.)

5. Client’s Responsibility

5.1 The Client must accept full responsibility for all equipment and accessories provided in (and outside) the tent that they have rented.

5.2 The Client/Partner shall keep the Equipment in good condition and not subject it to any misuse or wear and tear over what is normal and consistent with reasonable use.

5.3 The Equipment should not be altered, modified or adjusted without consent and

agreement by the Owner.

5.4 The Client/Partner is responsible for reading carefully and adhering to the safety and operating instructions for the hire of the equipment/accommodation; should any of these operating and safety instructions be understood, the Client/Partner agrees not to use the equipment until having a complete and full understanding of how to safely operate the hire equipment, as well as being aware that any injury or damage caused by disregarding the safety guidelines is completely the fault of the Client/Partner.

5.5 The Client should not use cooking or other gas appliances of any kind inside the tent. This is strictly forbidden.

5.6 The Client/Partner should adhere to noise level regulation as regards to music/sound systems: no loud music will be allowed between 2am and 10am. If the Client/Partner is asked to lower levels on sound systems and the Client/Partner does not comply, the Owner reserves the right to remove sound systems and return them at check out.

5.7 The Client/Partner must respect the privacy of other guests.

6. Payment

6.1 All payments must be made in advance of the event, as per agreement.

6.2 All payments must be made in accordance with the terms stated on The Owner’s Form or these Contract Terms and Conditions of Stay. Failure to remit payment in advance of the rental term result in the termination of rental Agreement.

7. Loss or Damage to Owner.

7.1 The Client/Partner shall during the period of hire be responsible for the maintenance and safe custody of the Owner’s equipment.

7.2 The Client/Partner shall be responsible for any damage and loss caused to the Owner’s equipment by his/her acts and omissions regardless of culpability.

7.3 The Client/Partner agrees to pay upon request by the Owner all costs incurred by the Owner in rectifying the condition of the equipment if it is returned damaged, unclean or incomplete.

8. Loss and Damage to Client.

8.1. All of the Client’s/Partner’s  possessions are his/her sole responsibility.

8.2 The Owner does not take any responsibility for any loss or theft that may occur before, throughout or after the event.

8.3 The Owner will not refund or reimburse the sum of the loss or theft to the Client/Partner.

9. Liability to Third Parties

9.1 The Owner will not be responsible for all claims for the injury to persons or loss or damage to property.

9.2 The Client/Partner expressly acknowledges that the Owner is not the original manufacturer or supplier of the equipment. The Owner accepts no liability for any injury or death from any claim or proceedings arising from this contract with the Client/Partner.

10. Confidentiality

10.1 The Owner will hold the client’s data securely and not pass his/her personal information on to any other third party unless demanded and required to under the law of the Republic or Croatia or European Union.

11. Cancellation of fully paid event bookings

11.1 The Client/Partner must be aware that for cancellation notices received:

  More than 20 days from the agreed period of hire, the payable cancellation fee is 10% of the Equipment hire charges.

    6 to 20 days from the agreed period of hire, the payable cancellation fee is 30% of the Equipment hire charges.

  7 days or less from the agreed period of hire, the payable cancellation fee is 100% of the Equipment hire charges.

12. Cancellations of event deposits.

12.1 All event deposits are 90% refundable. A 10% admin fee applies to all deposits regardless of when the cancellation is made. All deposits must be converted and paid in full by the date specified when booking, FIJU d.o.o. reserves the right to cancel any event deposits if they are not converted and paid in full by the specified date.

13. Governing Law

13.1 The Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the Croatian law and any dispute arising hereunder shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Croatia.